Our company’s privacy policy in its first line indicates that we commit to protecting your data and personal information on our website. In order to provide our customers with our services, we may collect, use and store information from you. In general, if you do not agree to share your data, you may entirely dismiss us from using our website. On the other hand, if you are still using the pages, it means that you allow us to store and use your data as per our policy.

Personal Data for Identification:

In order to continue using our services, it is required that you give us your personal information for identification. It may include verifying your device, your browser, and its cookies. In a way, it will help us to know more about your preferences and let us work accordingly. However, we do not include the data you transfer to other third-party sites through other means.

Information Storage:

The general data that we collect consists of the user’s Personal Information: your name, age, address, Zip code, email address, and other contact details. Apart from this, there are certain browsers and applications that keep on tracking your exact location and your IP address.

It further suggests that we have all your information regardless of what you know in actuality. Also, the reason to collect your data is to keep a record for future reference when we have to deliver the products to the desired customer.

Using your Information:

The information that we collect from our users shall be used in terms of requirements. For more information, you can read the following steps –

  • We can use your information to track and identify your location when you purchase our products.
  • It helps us to know what information you require to gather from our site. Also, it’s helpful in giving demographic information to the same.
  • It helps us to customize your experience on our website and guide you through the proper approach to the products available.
  • By using your data, we can also distinguish if the dose will be beneficial as per your age and other factors.
  • In case of theft or a legal matter, we may have to disclose your data with the other partners.

Protection of Personal Data:

In accordance with storing and using your data, it’s equally important for us to protect your personal information. For that, we take severe measures for secrecy and privacy of the data to keep it safe in our database. In short, just know that we will not share any of your information with a third-party site in any manner.